Nordstrom Rack

Today is the day many ladies in the Portland area have been waiting for. The day Nordstrom Rack opens in South Portland. I got to visit the store early on Tuesday and got a peak at all of the goodies they have. First of all, the store is huge. For reals. The back of store has all of the shoes which was a pretty large collection of cute. I started there and found some Coach items that I am now coveting. I was also super excited about the sunglasses and accessories they had. So many sunglasses to choose from I wanted them all. The cat eye Michael Kors may need to come home with me sometime. Plus the Marc Jacobs bags and scarves are on my next shopping list. And of course the pants, jeans, dresses, tops, too many things to choose from! I might have to go back to get the colorful men’s socks for the husband.

Really the point is, definitely go visit this weekend if you can. New shopping in Maine is always exciting!




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