It’s the Met Ball People

Hey, hi, no I’m not dead. Here I am. I don’t know if you can call it slacking when your blog drops off the place of the earth for two months. But I’m back hopefully with some new inspiration. What better way to get back to it than with the Met Ball. This year’s theme is Punk Rock, which is so awesome. This is one I would totally love to dress up for. You could really go all out with this and get crazy town.

So, I have a few obsessions. Umm, what’s up Madonna. This is so sick I’m freaking out a little bit. I feel like she would wear this normally to some random red carpet event, which I would hate because it’s so ridiculous, but for this night, this theme it’s amazing. Of course SJP went all out. I love the head piece, this is a perfect situation to wear something like that. At first I thought Hailee Steinfeld was a bit blah, but upon closer inspection, the embellishments are actually saftey pins, super clever. She’s so cute.

I want to be Jennifer Lawrence in this dress. She looks amaze. I love the dress detailing, the length, the headpiece, the red lipstick. Love it.  I also want Sienna Miller’s jacket. That is pretty ridiciulous. Last two favorite’s are Nina Dobrev and Anne Hathaway. Hello blonde hair. I don’t I want that to be a forever thing, but I think she looks good. Total vamp. And I heart the pant dress on Dobrev. So much fun.


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