2013 SAG Awards

I’m always so focused on the Golden Globes and the Oscars that I always forget about the SAG Awards. I mean I don’t really think anyone seeks this show out, especially since it’s on TNT so you don’t get a constant reminder like you do when it’s on NBC. But, of course I am always happy to take a look at the red carpet fashions, and I have to say, I think I overall liked a lot more of what was worn last night than the Golden Globes.

Take Amanda Seyfried for example. She looks sick. I’m obsessed with this blue.  And when it’s paired against her super pale death face and blonde hair, she seriously looks insane. Jennifer Lawrence wore almost the same color, so she gets a good second place here. I like this much better than her red Globes dress.

Amanda Seyfried


Jennifer Lawrence

I feel like this is random, but I want Katrina Bowden’s dress. I mean who knew right? But it’s gorge.

Katrina Bowden

Sticking with 30 Rock, hello Tina Fey. I swear to God she is looking better the older she gets. I love the retro hair, and the dress looks so good on her. I mean she has 2 kids, it’s kinda annoying.

Tina Fey

Other honorable mentions are Jenna Fischer, love the dress, Alexis Bledel, Elizabeth Moss, Ariel Winter. What’s up with her be the way, I love everything she wears, it’s ridiculous she’s like 15. Although her dress seems a bit tight, a pat on the back goes to Jessica Chastain because her hair looks 1000 times better. And shockingly I like Kelly Osbourne and Guilana Rancic’s dresses. Rancic gets a most improved for sure.


Photos via Go Fug Yourself and Extra


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