64th Emmy Awards

Here we are again, the start of award season! I love tv so the Emmy’s is probably second fav for me behind the Golden Globes. This year I think there was some nice variety with the ladies. Some bright color some fall color, some lacey lady looks, all good stuff. I was so excited to see Hayden Panettiere in one of my favorite Marchesa gowns from NYFW. The sea foamy blues of Heidi Klum and Julianne Hough’s dresses were so gorgeous it makes me wanna dress head to toe in that color. Overall I think the bright colors won me over the most, with  my top pick being Ginnifer Goodwin. The dress is just ridiculous. It’s unique, it’s quirky, it’s pretty. I wanna wear it.


One Comment on “64th Emmy Awards”

  1. erin says:

    i definitely agree – ginnifer goodwin’s dress is the best, and i’d say hayden panettiere is a close second. love those colors. it’s the best time of year!!

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