Some VMA Stuff

Given the constant non stop, “oh my god i won again i can’t believe it” reactions we get from Taylor Swift every time she wins an award, even after she has won the last 20 she was nominated for, I am not a Swift fan. At first I thought she was cute, she seemed talented, she wrote her own songs, good for her. I’m over it. She tries to come across as this innocent, virginal creature, even though she’s dated the likes of Gyllenhaal and Mayer. Stop it Swift, you’re no longer fooling the over 16 crowd. Whoa, alright I’ll stop. Even with that mouthful of negativity, she has brought up her game at the VMA’s this year and I have to give her some props. We’re so used to seeing her in sweet girly glittery dresses, but this time she is rockin’ it out in a white lady suit looking much more her age and mature. Nice work, keep it up!

On the flip side of this, we have Ms. Miley Cyrus. While the dress is actually nice and on another person I would probably wouldn’t hate it, I can’t get over the hair. It’s killing me. Fugly, please fix it.



Photos via JustJared


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