Come on, let’s dress up.

Today I was blog perusing as usual and was looking over Allyson in Wonderland and started reading her post “Liking Fashion Doesn’t Mean I’m Vain”. First off, good title and true story. Then as I started reading I was like Yes! This is awesome! I agree with the entire post, but the first part in particular, I literally I was screaming in my head, “thank you”!

She is basically saying that if you like to dress up, you shouldn’t be looked at like a freak or a snob. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself and look your  best. Aside from the whole women aren’t are good as men thing, I often watch Mad Men and wish I could have lived during that time. The women put such effort into their appearance. And while it may not have always been for the most feminist of reasons, they looked good-all the time. Recently my husband and I have purposely tried to go to restaurants or museums where you have to dress spiffier. It’s fun, and people should do it on a more regular basis.

Hey I like my stretch pants and comfy pj pants as much as the next person and if you’re a casual gal then that’s ok. But if you are someone who likes to put a little extra effort in every day, then I say good for you. Nothing wrong with a little more Mad Men in our lives.

Below are some of my fav places to find casual and dressier items. Go crazy, look pretty.








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