Spring Cleaning



A few weeks ago I went to my sister’s house to help her rid herself of all the clothes she never wears. It’s definitely that time of year to clean stuff out, donate it, and see what you might need. So it was fun to yank all of her stuff out and see what what the goods were. Abby had some really fun maxi dresses that we kept, some we tossed, a cute vest, some jackets, some flowy tops lots of good stuff. Some items just needed to go they were kind of old. Some stuff she hadn’t even worn. Right there it was like she had a whole new closet. I think we were able to purge a lot. The shoes were the biggest project.

The shoes were outta control. She had 40 pairs I swear to God. I don’t think I’ve seen her wear flats other than sneakers ever in her adult life so needless to say all of the shoes were heels. Lots of booties, some wedges. I actually stole some Aldo peep toe booties she had and didn’t want which was sweet. We got rid of a lot and she still has plenty to choose from.

The most shocking find were these stripper heels. Apprarently they are from some pole dancing class she took one time. Kind of outta control. They needed to go.

Here is everything! Now it’s time to go shopping and re fill this closet.



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