Shorts, but not Short Shorts

Today was a pretty ridiculous day for Portland. 60+ degrees depending in where you were. Sunny, warm, totally spring peaking out at us. And while we still have a few days of 40 degree weather, it looks like we’re going to continue to see this warming trend. Thank god. Ok my weather report is over.

Naturally with all the sunniness going around I am dying to bring out the summer wear, dresses, skirts, tanks and even the occasional short. Given my growing age, I’ve steered clear of shorts in recent year, opting for skirts or casual dresses, or even boyfriend jeans to stay cool. But did you know there are so many short options? You don’t have to be all skanked out with short shorts, there are high waisted, wide leg, mid length, it goes on. And why not try some prints? Take lead from all of the printed floral pants and get some floral shorts, or animal print. Basically just have some fun with it. Get a little shorts crazy. Do it.

Items from Asos


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