Lets talk after party…

Of course once the celebs pat themselves on the back they like to go out and have a good time. I’m sure there is a lot of “oh I love you, no I love you”. I admit I’m celebrity follower, but I can still make fun of them right?

But at least this allows us red carpet watchers to take in some more beauteous gowns. And of course some not so beauteous. So keep the parties coming Hollywood! Lots of good ones at the Vanity Fair party and the Elton John viewing party. The bright colors really caught my eye. I love love love Claire Danes’ flowy pink. Love Heidi Klum and Rashida Jones in yellow, and Cameron Diaz’s orange looks amazing on her. Other fav’s Elizabeth Banks, such a cool dress, and Dita Von Teese shockingly enough. Maybe I just love Jenny Packham too much.


I have to say also, after looking at more pics of Natalie Portman, I think I’ve changed my mind about her look. She kinda reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor in a way. I always thought she looked pretty, but just thought she looked out dated. It being vintage of course makes a difference, she should look outdated! But it’s grown on me a lot and I’m back on the Portman train.

So, favorite’s everyone?

Photos via, Vanity Fair & JustJared



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