Celebrating a Life and Her Style

This blog is definitely a place for happy shiny people and pretty pieces of clothing. But today, I want to steer away from that a little bit to pay homage to a great lady. My husband’s mother passed away a few weeks ago and her funeral services are today. It’s definitely been a tough few weeks but I think now is the time to start to celebrate her life, the person she was, and since this is a fashion blog, her style. We found some pretty awesome pictures of her from back in the day. One of which I’m pretty obsessed with. Who knew she was such a fashionista?

I love this picture of her at the Empire State Building. I am dying over her jacket and bag. Very chic in 1971. Then there is her prom dress which is sooo pretty. I wanna go back in time and wear that to my prom.

Then there is the striped shirt, flippy hair,cute bathing suit. All so very 70’s and it’s so much fun. I now have a little bit of vintage shopping inspiration. I’m glad I had the chance to know Linda and I’m sad she left way too early. But it’s so great we have this pictures to remember her….and her fashions.


One Comment on “Celebrating a Life and Her Style”

  1. Nora Therrien says:

    I have lots of photos of Linda to find and get to you. She was a beautiful person and I am grateful to have known her and call her friend. We played tennis and then swam in the pool – nice! She almost always beat me at tennis. She also was the babysitter for Jeff and Jodi, our first 2 children. I saw Linda all bundled up on a very cold day heading up the Streeter Road about a week before her home going. Praying for you all. Warm regards, Nora Therrien

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