The Goldy Globes

You all know what tonight is. That’s right, my favorite awards show of the year. I generally only enjoy the red carpet portion of award shows, but I love that TV and Film actors are all in one room together. The best of both worlds coming together.

In honor of tonight, I have found my favorite, (and one hated) dresses of last year’s ceremony. It actually pains me to put Angelina Jolie in here, but that green sequin dress was pretty amazeballs. Last year was an interesting mix of bold colors and nudes and pastels. I’m a fan of both. Most scandalous definitely goes to January Jones-good for her. And how awesome does Mandy Moore look? She gets most improved. Unfortunately Most Hideous goes to one of my personal fav’s Michelle Williams. I was really excited to see what she would wear that night, (and tonight) but was grossly disappointed in her weird frilly tanish flower dress. Ick. This year will be better for her, I can feel it.


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