Number 1 Favorite Trend of the Year: Crop it up

I know people have been waiting with bated breath for my most favorite trend of the year. It’s ok, you can breath now, really, I’m gonna tell you now! I heart midi skirts and cropped pants. It’s a little combo choice because I feel like they go together. It’s a pretty simple trend, nothing flashy or outrageous, but I just love them both so much. I seriously have no interest in wearing floor length pants anymore. I love the look of cropped, right above the ankle pants. It’s so chic/cute/classic all rolled into a pretty ball.

And how can you resist the midi skirt? Again, showing a little ankle, keeping the people out there guessing. You can go full skirt, or tighten up for a little sexier look. Either way, you’re gonna look hot. And it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard which makes it ever hotter.

I seriously want ALL of these below. Modcloth is pretty much the devil at this point.

A few pieces are also from Asos

Here’s to 2012 and the trends to come. 🙂


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