Blogging for Good-ASPCA

Mr. Corey Templeton of had a fantastic idea this year. During the week before Christmas bloggers should write a special post in support of their favorite organization or charity. What an awesome time to think of others and how you can help, even if it’s in the tiniest of ways.

Given my two adopted mutts, I chose to spotlight the ASPCA. I grew up with dogs (almost all adopted), and have always had a soft spot for pups. My husband and I adopted our first neurotic dog in 2006 from a shelter in North Carolina when we were living there. His name is Luda, short for Ludacris, (after the rapper, that’s right). He is a Jack Russell/ Chihuahua mix who shakes when it’s cold, barks at every noise he hears, and just wants to sit with Pete in his chair all day. Our second mutt we adopted from the Golden Retriever Rescue in Biddeford in 2007. Otis was driven all the way from Louisiana in a van with about 15 other dogs after he was rescued from a kill shelter by very nice lady. His origin causes a lot of debate and conversation, so we welcome any guesses. He was a little bit older maybe 1 when we got him, so he had some characteristics that stem from his sketchy past as a street dog, but he loves to get in your face and force ably make you pat him, especially his belly. I always say that we have have the cutest dogs in the world, and tend to obnoxiously kiss their faces when they look especially cute.

Who else hates those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlin singing in the background?? Yah me too. I can’t imagine our little pups going through what some dogs go through, it’s heart breaking. Even if you can’t adopt a dog for some reason, donating time to shelters, or money is such a big help. If you have a dog, you know they are your #1 fan, and no one appreciates your help more than them. Even if they can’t tell you.

Here is a great website that can direct you to shelters across Maine. Every state has them so don’t forget to search for ones closest to you! Now go out and be a do-gooder!


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