Nail Polish is Your Friend

I’ve always enjoyed getting a manicure. It’s so relaxing and when you’re done you leave with pretty shiny nails. While doing my own nails is not as relaxing, and frankly can be down right stressful, I still love doing it and I love choosing a color. You can choose your color based on your mood, the season, your current outfit, or for no real reason at all other than you really like it. It’s kind of a cool way to extend your personal style.

Right now, I love deep browns and purples and black. I’m also in love with the gray “Cocktail Bling” color from Essie. It’s a weird combo of light and dark, so I find it to be a really good option for fall. The amount of options between all of the different polish brands can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not the best decision maker in the world. But how fun is  it to pick any color you want out of like a gazillion. Whatever you’re feeling at that moment, you can paint it on your nails. Some recommendations/my current rotation below.


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