Support Small Business Saturday

I live in a very unique place. I least I think it is. It’s a mix of city, small town and fishing hole. You can walk downtown Portland in literally 15 mins, but there are endless options of restaurants, bars, shops, salons, everything. Plus there is a little thing called Casco Bay that outlines the city with boats, islands and all around pretty waterness.

My slightly long winded point is that Portland is the perfect spot to fully engage in Small Business Saturday. I, for one think it’s such an amazing idea and thank American Express for naming and creating this day. I’m really not a Black Friday person ( I’m pretty sure I would be that lady with the pepper spray. But not to get a good deal, I would actually want to harm someone. Too crazy for me). The idea of not being in a mall with hundreds of people and instead, walking around our lovely city in the name of support local is very appealing. Plus it gives me an actual excuse to shop, so yay! I thought I would put together a list of my fav spots. This is where I will be tomorrow, maybe I’ll see you at one of them.



Club 21



Material Objects

Queen of Hats


Bull Moose

Longfellow Books


D Cole 

Stonehome Estate Jewelers




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