Style Love #7 Jessica Biel

Way back in the day, you know, like 1997, I would get super excited every Monday night at 8pm for quite possibly the chessiest show of all time, “7th Heaven”. You know you watched it! Part of the reason I hearted the show so much was a girl named Jessica Biel. That’s right, I’ve been a fan ever since her tomboy, basketball playing character Mary went from sweet reverend’s daughter to family outcast. Even though she hasn’t necessarily had the best acting career in the world, I can’t get enough of her runway and street style.

First of all she has the most ridiculous body EVER. Like sick. I wish I had her guns and tiny little waist. Having an athletic bod doesn’t have to make you look like a man. Back to fashion. She has worn some of fav dresses ever worn by an actor, model celeb, whoever. This red Giambattis Valli dress is A-MAZING. The color is so pretty on her and I love the sheer bottom. The Atelier Versace dress below is like out of control. The fit, is perfect for body, the color is so ridiculously pretty. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die.


I was reminded how much I loved her fashions when I saw her on the cover of Elle yesterday. The idea for the shoot they did was so perfect for her. Rough around the edges, hanging with some boys in the dirt, but looking insanely beautiful at the same time. Nice job Elle. Here are the images from Elle and some of my fav Biel looks throughout the years. Hopefully she’ll keep em coming.


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