Coach: A Love Affair

I got my first/only Coach wristlist for my 21st birthday. Very exciting moment. I’ve faithfully used every single day since then. I’ve never been a huge fan of the newer Coach items that have the C’s or the flashy colors. These are the ones that get all the attention. Everyone fawns over the patent leather pink bag. (which is fine by the way) But me not so much. You all know I got that vintage black Coach bag last summer, and that’s what I love! The Coach Classics Collection is my favorite thing ever. I can not get enough of the solid black, tan, brown leather bags. My favorite’s are the Court Bag, Stewardess Bag,Willis Bag and Madison. So many crossbody versions! I mean that’s the real reason I like them all so much, then add the Coach tag and it’s like oh yah baby.My next big purchase is definitely one of those bags. Can’t wait. See all the prettyness below.



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