Combat boots, tights and Short Skirts

Being in NYC for a few days, I was able to do one of my most favorite things, people watch. There is a never ending number of people  to stare at awkwardly in a city that big and seeing other people’s personal style is really inspiring. A look I noticed like, basically everywhere, was combat boots, tights and a short skirt or shorts. I’m kind of obsessed. I love the 90’s and I always admired the 90’s version of this look on 90210. I am now determined to get some boots. I’m thinking Dr. Martens. So, I’ve found some sweet boots, skirts, shorts and tights. If you’re gonna do a lot of black, you might as well play with colorful tights. There are so many to choose from it’s kind of overwhelming, But it does make picking your outfit a little more fun.



One Comment on “Combat boots, tights and Short Skirts”

  1. mom says:

    Not my favorite look, but I just bought the boots for the look from Bass.

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