Fashion & Football: A love love relationship

I am a big football fan. Specifically the Patriots. Every Sunday as the leaves turn orange I am in my house watching the Pats game. It’s so much fun to make some yummy food, get some drinks and just hang and watch the game. Occasionally we’ll go out to watch the game either to a friends house or to a local bar. I’ve never been lucky enough to go to a Pats game. Watching a winning team makes getting tickets hard. (ha! other teams) but maybe when they inevitably start to suck I can finally get to sit in the freezing weather and watch from way up high.

Of course what you’re wearing while watching whatever your game of choice is, is still very important. I thought it would be fun to create some outfits for every possible situation.

1. Watching from the comfort of your couch

2. Hitting up your fav local spot

3. Getting on the road and watching in the stadium

Everyone should still be able to look cute while watching their sport of choice. No reason not to!


One Comment on “Fashion & Football: A love love relationship”

  1. Cute picks! Love the oversized sweater and jeans combo. So cozy!

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