Style love #6 Diane Keaton

A few months ago I finally saw “Annie Hall”. That’s a movie that pretty much everyone who likes to watch movies should see right? It must be on every list and version of “best movies” that exists. It was good, unique. The part that stood out to me the most was Diane Keaton’s style as Annie Hall. I’m a huge fan of “Because I said So” and I really liked “First Wives Club” and their is an underlying theme to her style in every movie she does. Menswear, comfort and sophistication. She was definitely breaking the mold a bit in “Annie Hall” wearing ties, vests, turtlenecks, khaki pants. In her other movies and in her real life, she wears the same thing. How many times have we seen her in a huge wide belt? I love that she has such a definitive style and that it doesn’t conform to trends, or really any outside influence. With the arrival of fall, I’ve really been getting into the whole menswear thing. It’s kinda fun to go in the other direction while still keeping it girly. Thanks Diane for the inspiration! Be inspired below:


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