The Amazingness that was SwapMaine

Yesterday was the 2nd SwapMaine event and it was soo much fun! I got to volunteer in the morning as a runner, putting all the clothes, shoes and accessories in their appropriate places. When I got there, the room was already full with tons of tops, dresses, jeans, etc. I couldn’t believe how many had donated the night before and how organized everything was already! So for two hours I ran back and forth loading up the bins and hanging more jackets, and skirts. There was such an awesome variety to pick from. I saw everything from a knit sweater with a bird and pearls on it (?), to H&M jeans to sparkly tops, to lots of men’s Express jeans. I think it’s safe to say their was something for everyone.

I also got to meet these very stylish swap volunteers. I was kind of obsessed with their outfits. I wrote down their names, and then lost them. So I apologize for that! I do remember though that the lovely lady in the middle is from JeezeJulia. Check her out here. After getting all of the donations where they needed to be, slightly obnoxiously selling raffle tickets, and enjoying some Coffee by Design Coffee, the flood gates opened and all the attendees finally got to rifle through the tons and tons of goods that had accumulated. Craziness recapped below.

Ok, now to the best part, at least for me. My swap finds! I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with what I found. A few, well pretty much all of them I was super excited about.

Here’s the rundown.

  • LL Bean Men’s Gray Wool Sweater
  • Label less Striped top
  • J. Crew Toothpick Jeans
  • Maggie London Dress
  • BCBG Polka Dot Dress
  • Hot Pink Patent Aldo Shoes
  • Vintagey Ankle Strap Shoes
  • Scarf
  • Brooch

I had been wanting some new skinny jeans so I was freaking out excited when I saw the J.Crew pair. I wasn’t sure if they would fit until I got them home and tried them on, but lucky me, they were perfect! The LL Bean sweater was also pretty sa-weet. It can totally be used as a “grandpa” sweater since it’s a mens large. It’s really comfy and has the quality of the wonderfull LL Bean brand we all love. And can we talk about those strappy shoes?? Dear God can it please be spring asap so I can wear those with a cute dress?? I’m in love. I am soo happy about my finds. I literally can not wait until the next one. Big thanks Ashley, Laura, Allie, Michelle, and Laura (click to see their blogs)  for organizing and letting me help out a bit.

Ashley, Laura, Allie, Michelle, Laura


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