Are you Pretty Powerful? It’s a giveaway baby!

I had the delightful honor of being asked to choose someone I feel is Pretty Powerful and tell all you peeps about them.This is all in support of the Pretty Powerful Campaign Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has going on right now.  Being “Pretty Powerful” doesn’t mean one thing in particular. It can mean you’re a confident, independent person, reliable, helpful, anything really. And the most important part is you can be this amazing person with or without make-up. We all looove make-up, and it adds to all of these things, but it’s not what really makes someone who they are. I know, I know, I’m a little cheese ball, but it’s so true!

I decided to choose Amanda O’Brien as my Pretty Powerful person. For those of you who don’t know, she’s kind of a big deal in the Portland area. Her full time job is as VP of Marketing at Hall Internet Marketing where she gets to be a self proclaimed internet geek. She has also been organizing Maine’s Social Media Breakfast events for 2 years. These are monthly breakfasts where lots of local business owners, twitterers, and social media users come to hear Amanda and other speakers chat about social media and also to network. This summer The Portland Press Herald also named her one of the 40 under 40 honorees. Yay Amanda! This pretty much says, hey, you’re doing a lot within your own career and for the greater good of your industry. You can see she’s a very busy girl and is obviously contributing a lot to our city and fellow social mediaers. Career stuff aside Amanda is a super great person. Recently she’s had to deal with an adorable dog who has cancer and lost a leg.  As a dog lover I’m not sure how I would handle that, but she always seems to be optimistic and there to support her puppy.

Since I love fashion, I have to mention that anytime I see her she always looks cute. Pearl necklaces, button down shirts, very classic. But the real reason I chose her was her influence and personality. So, lucky lady. Not only does she get to read about how awesome she is, but she also gets a Pretty Powerful Make Up Palette!

You guys don’t get the gushing, but you can have the Make Up Palette! From now until Friday at 5pm, you can win one yourself on Twitter! All you have to do is tweet me a quick note about why you’re Pretty Powerful, or talk about someone like Amanda who you think deserves the title. Please use the hashtag #PrettyPowerful. Very important!! But it’s as easy as that and one of these Palette’s can be yours!! It’s pretty sweet. It has eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss in lovely pink tones. And you can keep it in your purse! Love it!!

Wanna win something else?? Yah you do! You can submit yourself to be Bobbi Brown’s Next Pretty Powerful Face. Click here and you could win a feature in her campaign, a trip to NYC for a make lesson and $500 worth of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. That’s a lot of make up.

So, to recap. tweet me here, and enter the campaign here.

Can’t wait to see what you all tweet!


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