Ode to Chanel

I’ve been wanting to see the movie Coco before Chanel for a little while. Partly because I really liked Amelie and Audrey Tauotu and because I wanted to learn more about the insane legend of Coco Chanel. So last week I finally rented it. I didn’t realize it was in French of course, so the subtitles made me a little tired, but I got over it. Upon finishing the movie, though she wasn’t perfect, I kind of wanted to yell,”You go girl!”-Ricki Lake style. Lady Chanel did not come from the best childhood, but she was a blunt, honest, no nonsense woman who knew she didn’t want to be only someone’s wife. She wanted to be a business woman and earn a living without the help of a man. Of course in those days that was unheard of. How could a woman possibly do something like that? So I was impressed with that part of the story. The film also discussed her taste level and how much that differed from other woman during that time. She thought the armful of jewels and giant hats were too flashy. She designed her own pant suits and hats and had a much more understated look. Chanel really was a pioneer in that sense. All in all it was pretty interesting to see how a person can create an empire when they have a lot of talent and individuality.

So, in honor of my movie watching, here are some of my favorite looks from Chanel’s Spring 2012 Paris show. Of course Coco is no longer here and Karl Lagerfeld is the creative brain behind the designs now. There are so many beautiful colors, fabrics, and a lot of originality in what he did. I definitely wanna wear these looks! I’m sure Chanel would approve. I hope so anyways. Check ’em out!


Photos Courtesy of Elle.com


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