I Wanna Wear that Wednesday-Leopard and Menswear

This week I’m writing about something I actually am wearing. Forever 21 is always a hit or miss store for shoes. I have some awesome black platform pumps I bought over a year ago for $20 that are still going strong. But the quality of their shoes can definitely come into question. Usually it’s worth spending the extra money to buy shoes that won’t fall apart on you. BUT I couldn’t pass up the best find I’ve seen in that store in awhile. Check out these super cute right on trend leopard oxfords. I’m completely obsessed with them and never want to take them off. I’m excited #1 because they are so cool (obviously) and #2 because I’ve worn either ballet flats or boots in the fall/winter for a long time. I haven’t had an actual flat shoe that I really liked as an option. These just opened up a whole new world of opportunity, and don’t kill my feet. (heels are fun, but not everyday) I’m looking forward to getting into the whole menswear thing too. Being girly can be overrated. This is a lot to say about shoes, but come on, I’m obsessed. And all of this for only $25! Oh yah baby.


2 Comments on “I Wanna Wear that Wednesday-Leopard and Menswear”

  1. jess says:

    omg i just got these today but they were on sale for 12 bucks 🙂

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