I Wanna Wear that Wednesday-Winter Coats

It’s time to embrace the soon to be cold weather. What better way to do it then with a sweet winter coat. I never liked shopping for coats, and really don’t remember having an actual winter coat until I was about 22. But when you realize how many options are out there you’re crazy not to get a new one every year! They really are a great accessory too. Find a coat that fits you perfecting and says something about your personality and who cares what you’re wearing underneath? I think I read Mary-Kate Olsen (i know, i know don’t make fun) say that she will wear her PJ’s under a coat and no one knows the difference. True that Mary-Kate. This year there is a lot to choose from. Their are cape coats, military, faux fur or sheep skin, aztec prints, bright colors, two toned, pretty much something for everyone. I personally love the brights. When it’s 10 degrees outside and you’re hating life you might as well have a vibrant hue to throw on you and make everything feel a little bit better. While I really do like the cape coats, I’m kind of obsessed with the brown/tan slim jacket, and the red vintagey coat. Completely different looks, but so much fun. Really the great thing is you can get any coat you want, and as long as it fits, you’re going to look good. No need to follow trends here. I have my recommendations for you below. All are from Asos.com.  Enjoy!



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