I Wanna Wear That Wednesday-Navajo

Lucky for us this wonderous trend called the Navajo is trickling over from summer into the fall. Now I’m not gonna lie, I was on the fence on this one for awhile. I thought it was little too icky for me to take. But I actually have come to really enjoy and appreciate the creative aspect of Navajo prints. I think they’re even more appropriate for fall than for summer because you can wrap yourself up in a nice warm coat or even a cape. Since it’s all about the print you can have fun mixing and matching under sweaters or printed skirts. How about some sweet Navajo Keds? Yes please! Seriously so much fun. 🙂


3 Comments on “I Wanna Wear That Wednesday-Navajo”

  1. Taimi says:

    I am starting to try to wrap my head around that trend. I love Navajo inspired big warm sweaters. Have you heard of the Portland Collection by Pendleton? I love every sweater print they have in that one.

  2. i love me some navajo. i have one of those blanket coats that i am waiting to wear.

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