What’s Up Emmy’s?!

It’s red carpet time again people. So I tried my best last night to follow twitter or bloggers with the red carpet updates. I was kinda sad that I was missing the actual show and red carpet. As much as Ryan Seacreat annoys me, I still love it. I’ve reviewed the pics and found my favorites. And there were a lot. The stylists did a good job this year. Pat on the back for them. There was so much diversity I found myself obsessing over a lot of them. It’s kinda funny too that while there was diversity, there were also definite trends in little groups. Some plunging necklines, lots of red, lots of bright colors, cap sleeve or t-shirt dresses, sweet dresses, daring dresses, somewhat casual dresses. A lot of the ladies hair was down too. I loooved that. It is so much prettier and I think dramatic to have your hair down either old hollywood style or just with a really good blow dry.I broke my favorites down into groups. Here it goes..









Like I mentioned there was so much red last night. Everyone got the red memo. I have always loved Kate Winslet and think she looks smokin’ hot in this body hugging dress. She has a ridic body. I’m not a huge Lea Michele fan, but I really like the shoulder detail on her dress.









Lets talk about Evan Rachel Wood and Amy Poehler. Whaaat? More so for Ms. Wood because that dress was killer. I love love love it. I’m a big fan of the little sleeve on a dress. Amy’s could fit a little better I think, but I still really like the color and structure of the dress. I liked that she did something a little bit more fashion forward.









On to the awesome colors. Colbie Smulders has the most amazing turquoise blue dress. Out of control color. And I thought Dianna Agron looked gorgeous in this blue dress. There’s nothing wrong with looking classically beautiful even if you’re young.









I think black is pretty boring. If you wear black to an event like this then YOU must be boring..right? But I found two black looks that I really loved. Kaley Cuoco is so freaking cute in a slightly longer than tea length down with red heels. I heart this. Aimee Teagarden has such a pretty one shoulder dress too. I really like the cut and how it fits her.








She is definitely getting some flack, so she gets her own “grouping”. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I kinda heart it. People are always complaining about the peeps who are boring on the red carpet, or don’t take fashion risks, Well hello, fashion risk! Gwyneth Paltrow has a good bod and she should show it off. I think she looks great. My only objection is the detail on her chest. It kinda looks like weird boobs. I’m putting it aside for now though. Go Gwen.
















Ok here is the miscellaneous group. I have to shout out to Melissa McCarthy. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time and I thought she was hilarious as Sookie. I’m sooo excited she won an Emmy. I am biased but I do think she looks beautiful. I think the dress is really appropriate for her, I love the style. While Katie Holmes could be yelled at for being a little casual I think she’s adorable. She’s not in any shows right now so why not take it down a notch. And omg Emily Blunt. Love the dress, looking hot. John Krasinski looks ok too, but it’s really about the ladies.








Finally the big moment. I know you’ve all been dying to see my favorite. (such suspense I know) This was hard because I saw two that I freaked out over. First was Jayma Mays. I can’t even deal with her dress. It’s girly, pretty, unique, and umm beauteous! So looked amazing and I want that dress asap. Julia Stiles was my second. How good does she look? I love the color, the lace, the detail, all of it. I was really surprised at how many I actually really enjoyed. It was fun checking them all out, but these two are for sure on the top of my list.

I think you’ve gotten enough for this year. If you have your own fav’s that are different, I wanna hear about it!


Photos Courtesy of JustJared.com, Emmy’s.com


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