New Obsession. Thank you NYFW.

I’ve been checking out some of the collections from New York Fashion Week via other blogs and magazine websites and holy *bleep* (insert choice swear word here), did one really catch my eye. Ummm have you seen Milly by Michelle Smith? Ah yes, ridiculous. She has incredibly normal (however you classify that) clothes but with bright colors and powerful prints. I would love to wear some of these outfits every single day. It’s the perfect example of mixing prints and patterns and doing it soooo well. I also love the 60’s feeling to a lot of the clothes. Super cute little dresses, cropped pants, awesome coats. I have an orange car, I know you’re jealous, so the orange pieces I think are pretty amazing. That has to be a hard color to work with and I think everything in that shade is really really wearable. No one will look at you like you’re crazy. I’ve never been a big royal or cobalt blue person, but it’s so vibrant in these clothes it’s really converted my thinking. I’ve also wanted to start mixing prints a lot more and not go by the concept of needing to be matchy matchy. If this collection isn’t a lesson of how to do that then just give up trying. 🙂 You could wear these items to work, a date, anywhere. I loooove this and want it all. Here are my favorites.

Side Note: My BFF is getting married this weekend, yay! So I’ll be back on Monday with an Emmy recap!

Photos courtesy of Elle.


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