I Wanna Wear That Wednesday

This week it’s all about Aldo. I have always hearted Aldo for their stylish trendy looks. You can get every kind of shoe there, flats, heels, boots, booties, wedges, the list goes on. Every time I visit I see something that I seriously become obsessed with and that I have to have. I think my favorite Aldo purchase so far are a pair of black flat boots I bought 4 years ago. They’re still doing me well and going strong. What I love now are the wedges that are all one fabric or color even on the wedge itself. It really changes the look. What could be the uglier part, the wedge is prettified and covered up. So super cool. You know I am into the chunky platforms, and they of course have those. The oxford wedges are such a hip look too. You kinda look smart, but really stylish at the same time. Not a bad combo. Time for some Aldo baby!



2 Comments on “I Wanna Wear That Wednesday”

  1. Taimi says:

    Oh my gosh, I love Aldo. They have such great looking shoes for the price. I especially love those black wedges.

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