SJP is showing you what’s up.

I know Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon. Carrie Bradshaw could do no wrong, and frankly I don’t think SJP can either. She always rocks it out and experiments with pushing the boundaries of fashion and trends, all the while looking amazing every single time. I don’t know what’s in the SJP water, but she is kicking even more ass than ever these last few weeks. She is color blocking, wide leg pantsing (is that a word), leathering it up like nobody’s business. She looks gooood. Literally every single thing she’s wearing right now I Wanna Wear. I actually wanna steal the items off of her body. And while I could probably only fit 1 leg in a pair of her pants, I would make it work somehow. Her hair is the best accessory she could ever have FYI. As a curly haired girl, I’ve always had so much hair envy when it comes to SJP. Her long flowing ombre locks are gorge and I want them too. Basically I want her stylist and her hair stylist/colorist. Check, Check her out and see if you agree.

Photos courtesy of Instyle


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