I Wanna Wear That Wednesday

Guess who’s coming to Target. Just a teeny tiny designer called Missoni. Very exciting news and it happens September 13th.  Missoni is known for their bold prints of color and zip zags. They also use a lot of knitwear. There’s nothing like comfy stylish designer sweaters, tights and dresses to keep you cozy in the winter. With Target they continue to expand their brand with pillows, bicycles, laptop cases, luggage and blankets. Even the most adorable baby clothes are included. Can you imagine having a Missoni onesie for your little tiny baby? How cute is that? I can’t wait to actually see all of this next week in the store!


2 Comments on “I Wanna Wear That Wednesday”

  1. since i know i can’t afford the bike (sigh), i am going to be the first in line for those black pumps with the zig zag toe. i am really loving the color palette they did for this. i am always a fan of mixing blacks and browns. it happens so soon!

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