I Wanna Wear that Wednesday

In case you haven’t heard, (and I’m sure you have) the Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse collection just came out at Macy’s and it’s pretty amazing. It has a lot of variety. A little bit of rock n’ roll in some t-shirts and faux leather, some sixty mod with dresses, and some classic pieces you can own forever. Some people don’t like high fashion big time designers doing mass market collections that cater to the every, everyday person, but I think it’s a fantastic idea. Not everyone can go out and buy that Chanel blouse or dress for $3,000. Why not give those people the style and fashion they want and love for a price they can afford? I think it makes the shopping experience even more exciting when someone like Karl Lagerfeld is involved. He’s such an icon I would looove to wear something he designed. These are my most favorite so far…

Puff Sleeve

Leather Shorts

Pink Ponte Sheath

Floral Dress

Triangle Sweater



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