I Wanna Wear That Wednesday

Aren’t I clever, I know, you love it. I thought I would be cutesy and have a little thing each Wednesday where I show you an item, trend or style that I really wanna wear. Here’s my first one…Apparently the sixties are back and they are so totally groovy. Is that the sixties? Anyways, I love the jackets and dresses and pants and shoes! I’m a big fan of the ankle length pant so this first example on the left is such a cool outfit. You can wear socks with those cropped pants and look good! I have an orange car, so of course I love the bright colored boots and jacket. I hate the winter too so any time I can find a sweet or exciting new jacket, I’m all over it. To me this is just a new/old way to reinvent your fall/winter wardrobe. Sweaters usually bore me to death so this is giving me new ideas on what to do and how to keep it real in the cold weather months. That’s right I said “keep it real”. At least for this week, I wanna wear alll of this!

Photos Courtesy of Style.com



One Comment on “I Wanna Wear That Wednesday”

  1. I love these 60’s inspired trench coats! I have two newer ones but a vintage one would be my all time fave if I could get my hands on one!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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