Holy Swap!

Yesterday was my first Swap experience and let me tell you, it WAS and experience. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Melissa from The Swapaholics earlier in the morning and it was so much fun speaking with her and getting a little tiny bit of insight into these events. She and Amy, the other Swapaholic were super nice and you can almost feed off of their energy. Melissa said they’ve done about 40 Swaps up to this point, so you know they know what they’re doing. Being that I was a first timer, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would the other ladies there shove me out of the way to get a necklace they spotted across the room? Would there be fights over a really cute top? While I definitely had some ‘bow’s thrown my way, I could tell there were some swapping professionals among us and you just have to show people what’s up. Grab that sweater with confidence and don’t look back. No second guessing here, or you’ll get nada. I ended up with a black zippered Kara skirt and a heart patterned Red Herring shirt. They accidently allowed me to create an outfit. The best find for me were barely worn Aldo booties. I loove Aldo so all I can say is ca-ching.









I have to share the funniest part of the day. My sister Abby came with me and her entire goal of the swap was to find a crossbody bag. When it started she went right for that area. After I found her through the sea of crazy swappers, she excitedly showed me this strapless black crossbody bag. As I look at it I realize this is the exact Coach bag I have on me and that I just bought from Ebay earlier this week. The Coach label inside confirmed it. So weird! She’s pretty crafty so she plans on fashioning some kind of belt to make a strap. She also grabbed some cute scarves, and a smaller pink crossbody bag.









Another great part of the day was meeting Jessica Quirk who wrote “What I Wore”. She was really sweet and of course looked very cute in a summer dress. I bought her book and got to read it today. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go through my closet and reinvent everything. She has a really great perspective on style. I would recommend it for sure.









As I get more into this world of bloggers I’m getting to meet more and more interesting people that share my passion for style and clothes. I definitely look forward to the next Swap!

You can find the swapaholics on twitter @stealfinder & @punkystyle


8 Comments on “Holy Swap!”

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  2. {av} says:

    I can’t believe your Coach find…that story is too funny! I really enjoyed the swap and made off with a few fun finds myself šŸ™‚ great recap! Happy Monday! xoxo {av}

  3. Great recap! I was at the swap as well and we sure were among some pros! I can’t believe that was your first swap; it was sold out and you still found a complete outfit! Good for you! I was so mad that by the time I made it to the shoe table it was empty.

  4. I LOVE WHAT I WORE! Lucky!! Sounds like it was an awesome experience for you.

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