Style Love # 2

Golden Globes 2006

I don’t think Michelle Williams was always someone to admire for her fashion sense. But somewhere after Dawson’s Creek, she found an amazing boho glam influenced style. When I saw her at the 2006 Golden Globes in a beautiful deep purple dress I became obsessed. When I got married last November I actually chose my purple color theme and dresses based on that dress. So needless to say she hooked me. Her collection since then has been nothing short of gorgeous. Minus the incredibly fugly dress she wore to this year’s Golden Globes. I was very sad that day. Forgetting about that unfortunate moment, her bright yellow Oscars dress, nude shimmery Chanel Oscar dress and numerous other fashion forward moments make up for that day of fugliness. A big criteria for my Style Loves is that their casual style must equal the red carpet glamour and hers definitely does. She really embodies this cool, hip, girl next door look. Even her current pixie blond hair cut is adorable on her. Not everyone can pull that off. Love her so much! I wanna wear everything she has. Check out my fav’s..


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