Fall means cooler weather, but that’s Ok this year.

Luca Luca

I seriously hate winter. Snow is frustrating and layering hasn’t always been my favorite look. It’s really just too much for me. I’ve always lived in New England so I know, I should be used to it. But can you ever really get used to it being 20 degrees? In fact, writing about it when it’s 80 and sunny is a bit unsettling, but I wanted to share some really exciting finds for Fall 2011. Yes, they are designer, but I really love the knit and lace that was used in the Burberry and Luca Luca collection. I loooove the green and black lace dress by Luca Luca. And all of the Burberry coats are amazing. Winter coats can be so cumbersome and boxy you can lose your shape completely. I hate feeling like I gained 20 pounds every January. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wore a corduroy zip up high school jacket with their name on the arm size XXL. I think these pieces can make up for that. At least maybe a little bit.


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