Jennifer Aniston Can Be My Boss

I’ve been waiting for “Horrible Bosses” to come out since I saw the preview before seeing “Bridesmaids” in May. Charlie Day from “It’s Always Sunny” is hilarious so I had to check it out. I just got back from the theater and I would say run to see it. Sooo funny! And Jennifer Aniston is a crazy freak which makes it even better. In honor of the hilarity I wanted to post some pics of the stylish stars at the premiere last Thursday. Jennifer looks gorge as usual in a Balenciaga mini dress and the guys all look as good as guys can look in suits. Julie Bowen who had a small part in the movie has a really pretty white beaded dress on. One of my all time favorite former teen stars Jennifer Love Hewitt even showed up. I do think she looks good in her Herve Leger dress, BUT, she may not be able to pull this off as well as she could have 10 years ago.  It might not be the most flattering, but I still love me some J.Love. Oh, and Colin Farrell definitely deserves some kind of MTV movie award for his balding, karate, cokehead loving character.

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